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Revitalize your skins appearance with our treatments that help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even tightens the skin leading to an improved, youthful appearance you’ve always wanted.


We can’t stop the sands of time but we can certainly reverse the effects of the aging process on the skin. As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity giving us puffiness around the eyes, creases around the mouth, jowls, crow’s feet and fine line wrinkles. The body can age by loosing firmness: neck, around the upper arms, chest and abdomen.

At Centre d’Elle, we have many treatments that will bring back your youthful appearance naturally, without the high cost and risks of a surgery, with no downtime.

Exilis is a body-contouring and skin tightening machine that uses radio frequency waves, a heat producing energy to get rid of the fat by accelerating their metabolic activity. The use of mono polar radio frequency allows going deeper and exerting more energy to dissolve multiple layers of fat cells, not just the surface like other bipolar devices.

Exilis was originally used to smooth out wrinkles around the eyes and successfully tightens the skin on other areas of the face, neck and body.



The most effective radio frequency device that reduces facial wrinkles and unwanted body fat around the back, arms, buttocks, inner/outer thighs, ankles, inner knees. The patients describe the procedure as a warm massage.*

Contrary to Coolsculpting where the fat is treated by the cold, Exilis works by heating the fat cells to the point of a natural slow process of removal. The temperature of the skin is monitored so it never gets to hot for the patient.

The procedure is non invasive, painless, with no downtime, really effective and is applied by our trained advanced body sculpting physician.

The above image shows an example of treatment results.*

The number of treatment required can only be determined during a consultation with our doctor. A personalized treatment plan will be established in order to reach each patient goal.

Call us today to schedule your personalized treatment plan.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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