How to fight cellulite.

Written by: Center D Elle - September,3 2015

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs. It usually occurs after puberty.

It is a condition that affects most women at some point in their lives.

Three different grades are used to classify cellulite:

Grade 1: You can see microscopic changes and when you pinch your skin in between your fingers.

Grade 2: Occurs with aging as the skin loses elasticity and good circulation. At this stage, there are visible cellulite dimples close-up.

Grade 3: Worsening of the elasticity, circulation and accumulation of toxin. This is visible from across the room.

Cellulite can affect both sexes, it is much more common in females mainly because they are more likely to have particular types of fat and connective tissue.



Causes of Cellulite

Causes are not well understood, but there are several theories that have been put forth as explanations.

Hormonal factors – Hormones likely play an important role in cellulite development. Many believe estrogen and other stress hormones are part of the cellulite process.

Toxin buildup – Toxins tend to get stored in and around the fat cells, forcing bulging to occur in the formation process.

Genetics – Certain genes are required for cellulite development. Some are more inherently prone to develop cellulite because of these genes.

Diet – People who eat too much fat, carbohydrates, salt or too little fiber are likely to have greater amounts of cellulite.

Lifestyle factors – Cellulite may be more prevalent in smokers, heavy caffeine drinker, those who do not exercise, and those who sit or stand in one position for long periods of time.

Clothing – Underwear with tight elastic across the buttock and waist (limiting blood flow) may contribute to the formation of cellulite.

Treatment and removal

How to get fight cellulite? There are several therapies that have been suggested to help combat cellulite.

Z-wave is one of them. Centre d’Elle offers this service for the people who want to get their cellulite under control with a non-invasive procedure.

The picture above shows an example of results after a few sessions.*

Description of the Z-wave

The unfocused, low-energy radial waves have scientifically been proven to have a large impact on collagen structure and the skin connective tissue, improving blood circulation and the metabolism of fat cells. The mechanical massage effect reduces the edema and improves the lymphatic drainage of toxins. It stimulates collagen formation, while the skin becomes more elastic and its firmness is visible after only a few treatment.*

Treatment of cellulite with acoustic waves therapy is performed with the transmission of mechanical pressure waves into the tissue. It is an effective treatment of connective tissue, weakness and cellulite. It is demonstrated that by using the 30mm applicator heads, the blood circulation of the tissue is improved, the epidermis was tighter and the expression of the collagen was significantly stimulated. These effects were seen and documented in several studies.*


Acoustic radial waves

Adapted to efficiently treat dermatologic and cosmetic conditions, especially tissue weakness and cellulite conditions. There are different advantages:

painless treatment

no downtime after treatment

non-invasive treatment

non anesthesia required

visible results


Application effect

The observed tissue reactions and metabolic effects are:

short-term increase of the blood flow caused by formation of faso-dilation

long-term improvement of the blood flow cause by formation of blood vessels

lymphatic drainage effect, dehydration and withdrawal of waste products

mechanical and biochemical lipolysis

softening of fibrotic structures (septum, scar tissue)

strengthening of the connective tissue leads to improvement of the dermal elasticity and firmness

cell rejuvenation (process of cell regeneration)


Some people with cellulite wear special clothing compression garments to reduce the appearance of cellulite. These garment work by compressing arteries and veins to increase blows and diminish toxins buildup.*



You can diminish the effects of cellulite, even if you are prone genetically by improving your metabolism, eating healthy and improving your circulation (compression hose, Z-wave and exercise).

Exercising regularly, maintain an healthy weight and reducing stress are recommended to prevent cellulite.

If you want to schedule a consultation with one of our medical staff member for a Z-Wave consultation, call (407)270-1428 or schedule an appointment online.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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